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Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod truck MAZ RTA

265 Modsgaming 18.02.2017 Euro Truck Simulator 2

Developer website: http://www.eurotrucksimulator2.com
Website mods: http://modsgaming.ru
Group of fans ETS2: https://vk.com/euro_truck_simulator_2_game
Link to mod: http://modsgaming.ru/load/euro_truck_simulator_2/gruzoviki/euro_truck_simulator_2_skachat_mod_gruzovik_maz_rta_jawa_stas556_beta_1_0/16-1-0-3093
Authors mod:
3D model of the truck: JAWA.
Envelope in the game, animation, residence: Stas556.
Sound: Kriechbaum.

For versions of the game 1.17.xxx
Fashion Description:
Modification is still under development. Over time, will update, adding new chips. Spelled out separately. Sold in the showroom "Man".
It has its own tuning, engine and gearbox, as well as sounds. Spelled out in the
gallery of tractors for in companies (both in Europe and in English).
P.S "Dashboard" on the function switch to the "GPS" button "O" - (beacon).

Язык: Русский Длительность: 00:07:44 Источник: MODSGAMING.RU
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