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Farming Simulator 15 KIROVETS K 744R Powerful Tractor

52 Modsgaming 18.02.2017 Farming Simulator 2015

Developer website: http://www.farming-simulator.com
Website mods: http://modsgaming.ru
FS 15 fan group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FarmingSimulatorMods/
FS 15 fan group VK : https://new.vk.com/farming_simulator_2013_game
Download mod: http://modsgaming.ru/load/farming_simulator_2015/traktora/farming_simulator_2015_skachat_mod_traktor_kirovec_k_744_r3/90-1-0-6035
Download map: http://modsgaming.ru/load/farming_simulator_2015/karty/farming_simulator_2015_skachat_mod_karta_baldejkino_new/101-1-0-4872
Authors mod: LSSA Modding Team, МАС, dim-dim, Northern-Strike, Clondike, Dima Kostin

Tractor K-744 is the latest generation of the legendary "Kirov workers" today produced at the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant. Tractor drawbar 5 refers to the class. A model, mainly in agriculture. However, the tractor can work with the tool trailer and attachments, which significantly expands the boundaries of its application, making of "Kirov workers' multi-traction unit.

Mod description
Dual wheels
It works all the lights.
Animated driver.
Tractor dirty

Язык: Русский Длительность: 00:11:46 Источник: MODSGAMING.RU